No matter which product you use for chemically treating your hair (bleaching, colouring, toning, straightening, curling or anything else), it damages your hair and breaks the bonds inside making the hair porous, dehydrated and weak.

By using BONDOLUX® products you will prevent the damage caused by chemical hair treatment, you will restore the inner bonds and even create new ones. Your hair will shine in all its health and strength.

The innovative system of penetrating your hair, which can be found in the BONDOLUX® products, will deliver ingredients such as NAC (creates new bonds and protects the hair), rice derivative (creates a protective layer) and bamboo extract (strengthens the hair, makes it more flexible and fit) to the very inside of your hair, so they can build, protect and nurture it from within. The products also contain a mixture of amino acids which will moisten and strengthen your hair.

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