Instructions and warnings for Color US® dying process

Mixture: 1 + 1,5 for ordinary colours and 1 + 2 for Super Light colours

Description of dying process

The quantity of hair colour


The quantity of mixture

Activation time

Grey hair coverage and dying up to one shade lighter

60 ml

90 ml

20 vol./6%

150 ml

30 minutes

Grey hair coverage and dying up to two shades lighter

60 ml

90 ml

30 vol./9%

150 ml

35 minutes

Grey hair coverage and dying up to three shades lighter

60 ml

90 ml

30 vol./9% or 40 vol./12%

150 ml

40 minutes

Hair lightening with Super Light colours from 4 to 4,5 shades

40 ml

80 ml

40 vol./12%

150 ml

40 to 50 minutes

Warning: the quantity of product (mixture) needed for hair dying can vary regarding to hair length, thickness of hair and hair structure. 150 ml is enough for dying normal hair length (slightly over the shoulders).

Applying: Lay the mixture on dry unwashed hair with a hair dying brush.

start at the back of the head, lay the mixture section by section about 2 cm from the hair scalp, through the complete hair length; let it activate for 20 minutes, than prepare a new mixture for roots and dye the roots; let it activate additional 30 minutes (together therefore 50 minutes).

start dying on the front side of the head and continue towards the back of the head; let it activate for half an hour (40 to 50 minutes for Super Light colours).

Activation time: 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the hair structure and hair colour.

Rinsing: Massage the hair colour thoroughly over the sink, without adding any colour, than add a little water and massage it again; Thoroughly rinse the hair colour with  running water till the water that runs through the hair is clean; wash the hair with a shampoo and rinse the hair. Hair conditioner recommended.


Use Super Light colours only with hair in sixth shade or lighter (lightening for 4 or 4 and a half shade), for lightening four shades use only 12% activator.

Shade Super Light 12.11 has (as the number.11 already says) a lot of ash pigments inside, so the colouring with it must be done just on the re-growth. If the colour is applied also on already bleached or lightened hair the result there could be too cold, so we recommend you use the following mixture: 30ml 11.1 + 5ml 12.11 + 105ml 12% activator.

Pure Colors of pure pigments should never be present in the colour for more than a half!

On the base of natural hair 4, 5 and 6, 6% activator will lighten for one shade, 9 % for two and 12% for three shades.

On the base of natural hair 7 and lighter, 6% activator will lighten for two shades, 9% for three and 12% for 4 shades.


Use only as stated in the instructions for use! Only for external use only. The products can cause an allergic reaction, therefore perform a sensitivity test (lay a drop of product on the inner side of the elbow and cover with plaster; check the next day; if the skin is irritated we recommend not to use the product). Do not use for eyebrows and eyelashes dying. Make sure the product is not contacted with eyes. If the eye contact occurs, rinse immediately with a large quantity of water and seek medical attention. Wear protective gloves! Keep away from children. Before using check the clients´ scalp. In case of any irritation or wounds we advise not to use the hair colours. For professional use only.

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