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In a hairdressing salon or at home?

If you dye your hair at home by yourself, many things can happen. Most of all we are noticing, that the result is not always the way as we wanted it to be, we spend extra time for bathroom cleaning, small packages of colour cause poorly and uneven coverage of hair or on the other side we need to purchase even two packages of colour, we have a hard time dying the back side of our head... All this goes in favour of professional dying in hairdressing salons. Do try out monochromatic hair dying Color US ®.

Thanks to dying my hair in a hairdressing salon with Color US® system I no longer need to purchase a package of hair colour every month in a drugstore. I no longer need to take an hour and a half of my time at home and wait impatiently what will come out of it. From now on I just sit comfortably in a chair in a hairdressing salon, where I am offered a first class service for hardly any euro more than a package of hair colour in a drugstore costs.


Mojca Jarc